C.C.L. 746794

The “final touch” to my whole house sound system Jeff installed for me was the Sony HAP Z1ES. This device allowed me to upload all my old CDs to it and manage my music with personal playlists and other convenient playback tools that are all part of the system. The sound quality is incredible, and the convenience of managing the music any way I want makes it the most useful audio device I have on the system.

Menlo Park Client


I wanted to take a minute to write you a note of thanks for your great work, incredible service, phenomenal follow up and fantastic results over the last 4 years. I am extremely grateful to my friend Matt for recommending you and putting us in touch. My wife and I moved into this home 5 years ago. While it had very good A/V potential in terms of wiring, built in Niles key pads, etc., it was a complete mess. Nothing was up and running, it was nowhere near functional, and I was frankly overwhelmed and intimidated by the project. I knew generally what I wanted, but I had no idea how to get there, or what options were available to me.

I hired and worked with 3 other A/V companies over the course of a year before meeting with you. After spending a lot of money and wasting a lot of my personal time, I was shockingly nowhere near a functional A/V system. It was an extremely frustrating and infuriating experience, and I had absolutely no trust in A/V service providers. Then you came over. In the span of a couple of weeks, you had this place up and running with a set up far exceeding my original goals/expectations. You were a great listener, seeking to genuinely understand what I wanted. You did a fantastic job communicating my situation, my options, and confusing/complex functionality in terms a lay person (me) could understand. This was very refreshing, extremely important, and clearly very rare considering my past experience.

Since then, you've been incredibly reliable, and you've worked your tail off to get things done and meet some deadlines I had (e.g., family reunion planned here at the house over holidays). Your results are always top notch and everything you've done has been superb quality, truly built to last. I haven't had one problem with any of the work you've done (not even a minor hiccup that I can think of) -- this is especially impressive and appreciated considering how crazy my built in infrastructure was/is.

You are incredibly knowledgeable across a wide swath of product lines and set ups -- from Apple TV to Macs to Xbox, to built in panel systems, to iPads/iPhones/iPods to a media room with a projector, etc., etc., etc. You are very creative and solution/results-oriented. I can think of dozens of examples where we hit a wall due to the limitations of my wiring/set up, yet you kept plugging away and eventually would always find good/effective/reliable solutions. You are very patient with clueless novices like myself. You consistently have a positive, can-do attitude, which is also rare and I think a very important attribute. You are one of the most customer-centric service providers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Not to mention the fact that you're a good guy, you're completely trustworthy, and you're even fun to chew the fat with... most of the time.

But wait... there's more... to top it all off, you're even reasonably priced... or at least worth every penny of what you charge, and then some.

Bottom line is that I was in A/V hell before meeting you, and now I have exactly what I wanted in a home A/V system plus some very cool bells and whistles that I didn't even know existed, but now consider "must haves".

Thanks for the years of hard work, excellent service and great results. There is a good chance we'll be moving down to Palo Alto, and when/if we do, you're one of the first guys I'm calling.

You da man,

San Francisco Client


When we moved into our newly constructed home in 2010, it very quickly became clear that the AV guy recommended by our builder had no clue. We had some very specific needs with some rather esoteric components - a Mac-Mini-based home theater system, Sling boxes and other "odd" devices - and luckily we found Jeff. He was not fazed at all! He is totally up to date on the latest in AV - he handled my project with ease and was additionally full of multiple suggestions to make things even better. Furthermore, with Jeff, the service does not stop when the project is completed. He always makes himself available for follow up questions/issues and is remarkably responsive (I remember sending him an email at 10pm one evening over Thanksgiving and was amazed to get a reply 5 minutes later!!). In summary, I cannot recommend Jeff highly enough - a first class professional and a real pleasure to do business with

Los Gatos Client


Jeff has equipped both our home and our vacation home with the most amazing audio and visual systems! We would never consider using anybody but him for our AV needs! He is the AV guru; knows all, and is always happy to walk us through (for the umpteenth time!) when we forget how to get the most out of our systems!

Pebble Beach and Los Gatos Client


Jeff Crawford and his team did an incredible job for us. Our system looks great, sounds great, and does everything we hoped for and more. It was a relief to be able to rely on CSIAV's vast knowledge, talent and experience to get it done and get it done right. From figuring out the right components and lighting for our needs, to installation, to remote programming, CSIAV did a perfect job.

The CSIAV crew was always on the job when they said they'd be. The work was done fast and efficiently, in tight coordination with the other contractors on the job. And when the project was finished, Jeff was always available to swing by to answer a question or do that final tweak to insure that the system was working perfectly.

Two thumbs up. Way up!

San Jose Client


We have been so pleased with CSIAV, both the product for our new home, and the follow up service. We were especially relieved to work with an audio video contractor who actually listened to our needs and requests. When we specified simple and less expensive, Jeff was just as enthusiastic and helpful as when we said upgrade and expensive. And, when the system was new and we were still learning, Jeff was very patient and available to help us get everything we needed. It has been a pleasure working with CSIAV.

Carmel Client


Our experience with CSIAV continues to be very positive. They were present in all stages of our newly constructed home in Woodside. They designed and installed our entire media system, including all interior rooms and exterior spaces. Not only have our expectations been exceeded, they have continued to assist the necessary updates and service and support at a very high level. No matter the time or day, they are very responsive. We feel very happy with our choice to work with CSIAV on our new home.

Woodside Client


I was in heaven on Sunday....I watched like three DVD's and the Discovery Channel and some sports. In fact, my brother came over just to watch it and now he wants one too.....Now I just have to upgrade to the Comcast HD package and add some extra channels and then I will be an official Couch Potato.

Thanks for hooking me up. 

San Francisco Client


Thank you for responding so quickly to our needs. You and your team have done a wonderful and professional job.  I only wish all of our professional contractors enjoyed their work and took pride in it even half as much as you do! You are the best!  Thank-you.

San Jose Client


Jeff has been very helpful in not only getting our system up and running but in keeping it up to date as technology evolves. He is always responsive if anything goes wrong.

Portola Valley Client


I used Jeff during the renovation of my Los Gatos home to select equipment, do wiring and installation, and then set-up all of the equipment once the renovation was complete. I asked Jeff to come back many times to help me with upgrades to equipment and other changes I wanted to make. Jeff is highly knowledgeable and qualified to carry out A/V projects from soup to nuts. He was always dependable, easy to work with, and set and delivered on expectations. I would use him again and highly recommend him.

Los Gatos Client


We would highly recommend CSIAV for your Home Systems Audio/Video needs. We have had a successful relationship with Jeff and his organization for 12 years with the implementation of our homes AV systems, and they are quick to respond to any questions that you have years after the systems have been installed. It has always been a pleasure working with CSIAV.

Los Altos Client


Thanks for the great install on our most recent Entertainment Center. Everything turned out perfect. The Plasma TV is at the optimal location and the sound is great. I really like the way you balanced the sound so the subwoofer wasn't just a big vibrating box. I especially appreciated the neatness of the wiring.

It's hard to believe it has been 7 years since you did our first install (which is still going strong). I will be in touch with you soon regarding some work I need done at my Office.

Monte Sereno Client


Five years ago I used Jeff Crawford and his company, CSIAV, to do a major installation in my new home. The installation comprised our A/V, telephone and computer systems. This included design, pre-wiring, final installation and lots of “hand-holding” as my wife and I learned how to make everything work as planned. Both Jeff and his employees have been a joy to work with.

The systems have worked beautifully for all these years, and we have required very little service. When we have had minor problems, Jeff has always responded very promptly and is usually able to walk us through solutions over the phone. We have made a few small upgrades over the years, and those changes have been perfectly integrated into our existing system.

I recommend Jeff and his company without reservation.

Carmel Client


Jeff wired and installed our entire media system when we built our home 7 years ago. We have relied on him to maintain and upgrade our system through the years. He is enjoyable to work with and is very knowledgeable, punctual and patient in instructing us whenever new technology is installed.

Los Gatos Client


We have known Jeff for many years. When it came time to wire our new home in Los Gatos for sound and a theater room, Jeff was the man. He and his crew did a professional job in a timely manner and cleaned up each day. We now have (in our opinion) the best home theater room in all of Los Gatos. The few problems that we had in the beginning were handled very quickly. One weekend, we had friends and family over for dinner and a movie. But, wouldn’t you know it, Murphy’s Law popped its ugly head and the system wouldn’t start the movie. I called Jeff late Saturday afternoon. He was there in time to fix the problem and the show went on as planned. Outstanding customer service! We wouldn’t even consider anyone else. In our business, referrals are golden, and we highly recommend Jeff.

San Jose Insurance Company Owner


What I like most about CSIAV is that you can call Jeff day or night and he finds a way to solve your problem. I’ve called him a number of times, including once on a Friday before a holiday weekend, and Jeff always finds a way to get to the house and solve the problem. It’s the follow-up that sets him apart from other A/V integrators.

Saratoga Client


Jeff is a true professional. Our A/V system was 25 years old. Jeff reviewed the existing equipment and our objectives. He gave us a written quote, then scheduled installation and followed through on time and on budget. His concept of having one remote to control all of our equipment has made life a lot easier.

Portola Valley Client


Jeff has provided us with several AV systems and upgrades over the years. He is extremely knowledgeable in the low voltage integration business and is able to find what works best for each specific project. Installations proceeded with very few issues. Anytime I had a question or problem, Jeff replied promptly and with the right fix. I would highly recommend Jeff for any AV system, large or small.

Mountain View Client


I am so glad that we used a reliable A/V professional to design, recommend products and install everything in our home system including a camera security system. Not only did Jeff design the system for our present needs, he designed in options for future enhancements and other needs because of emerging technologies.

It so comforting to know that when I have a question about my system all I have to do is pick-up the telephone and give him a call and if I don’t understand or forget how to use a feature he will say, “When can I stop by to show you”, even on a weekend! Even though this is a rare situation due to his comprehensive orientation to our system, it just makes me feel good to know that if I need him, he is there!

We could not be happier with our system and we have recommended him to our friends who we understand are equally happy with his work and their systems. I highly recommend Jeff and CSIAV to anyone looking for a high quality integration firm.

Saratoga Client


CSIAV not only installs great custom solutions, Jeff is there to personally support them. I know when something was not working on my system on a weekend, Jeff responded to email or called me on the phone to get me going. He truly provides full service. Jeff makes sure that even though your system is state of the art, that you know how to use your system without requiring a PhD.

Los Gatos Client


When we built our house in Carmel, the media room was one of the focal points and getting the right system installed was very important. Fortunately a friend recommended CSIAV and Jeff helped us work out a budget, maximize the quality for the price and installed a great system in the media room while sharing audio for the system throughout the house. And best of all, the system meets our technological IQ's.

Carmel Client


CSIAV has been instrumental in fulfilling our audio/video desires at our home, including redesigning and upgrading our entire system from the ground up and moving us into the world of 3D TV. We have appreciated Jeff's unparalleled knowledge of state of the art integrated systems. He immediately pinpointed what was required to meet our needs, was thorough and extremely attentive to detail, and performed the installation in a timely manner with great skill, which we sincerely appreciated. We are thrilled to have found Jeff and whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone in need of a top-flight, professional audio/video contractor.

Santa Lucia Preserve Client


CSIAV has been incredibly responsive and helpful with responding to issues with equipment problems, replacement, education and recommendations. I am totally happy with all equipment Jeff has installed and my overall system. I always know that I am going to get honest answers and best cost advantage from Jeff. I couldn't imagine going to anyone else for my A/V needs. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone looking to upgrade, replace or design a system from the ground up. I really count on him to be there, and he always is.

Los Gatos Client


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